How Can Insta EMI Card Can Be Beneficial For Purchasing iPhone 14?

If you are planning to purchase the new iPhone 14 this year, you can definitely consider getting it on EMI using the popular Bajaj EMI Card. By choosing this option, you can gain a lot of benefits and rewards during your purchase. 

Getting Apple Devices on EMI will make its hefty cost bearable. So, without a second thought, you can shop online for the iPhone 14 on EMI, and here are the top benefits you can get. 

Lowers your hefty financial constraints 

Purchasing the latest iPhone 14 is not an easy deal. Being one of the premium products in the market it sells for Rs. 79,990. Saving and investing such a huge amount in a single down payment might not be possible for the majority of people. Opting to get the apple on EMI will effectively take away all the hefty financial constraints and make it easy for you to get it on simple monthly installments without any additional interest rate. 

Extended tenure option 

The Bajaj EMI card helps you to shop online for iPhone 14 on EMI by offering a series of extended tenure options. The tenure ranges from a minimum of three months to a maximum of 12 months. Additionally, with this tenure, you can also make use of the zero-down payment features. 

No fore-closure charges 

Even if you want to close the outstanding loan amount before the said tenure, there are no fore-closure charges. That is one of the biggest highlights of the Bajaj EMI card. So, you need not have to worry about the additional penalty charges that go out of your pocket. Such hassles do not exist with the Bajaj EMI card. 

Pre-approved Limit amount 

You can be free from your financial woes prudently with the help of this Bajaj EMI card, as it comes with a pre-approved limit amount of up to Rs. 4 lakhs depending on the financial credit statement of the individual. With this amount, you can easily shop your favorite electronics, home appliances, and apple on EMI without having to worry much. 

Other lucrative benefits 

Apart from the famous no-cost EMI and zero down payment option, you can also get lucrative benefits like major cashback of up to Rs. 5000 and other discounts if you purchase using the Bajaj EMI card. If you shop online for iPhone 14 on EMI from the Bajaj Mall using the Insta EMI card, you can score a good discount easily. Check it out today!

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